Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Very First Post

Hello and welcome! If you look at the background, you may think my new blog is about going to the terlet. It's not out of the question...but no, I decided to start a blog about being transgender and what's that like to live with on a daily basis. Hopefully it will help some people, entertain the rest (of the three people and my mom who will read this).

So here's the deal: I'm truly trans, meaning I'm in that gray area. Tho born a girl, I feel both male and female, and neither male nor female. For example, I have eight fantasy football teams and I'm physically incapable of wrapping a present properly. But I also love talking about my feelings and I will ask for directions. I can have a spirited conversation about everything from The Bachelor to the butt fumble.

You also may have noticed my name Dibs. I'm not named after the delicious ice cream treat. It's actually a nickname I go by bc my real name, Deborah, fits about as well as OJ's glove. It's Throwback Thursday!

Feeling both and neither sex is a blessing and a curse. Sure, I'm well-rounded but often feel like I fit in nowhere. Pat knows what I mean...and thanks Pat for the congratulations cake for my new blog.

So, I'm gonna talk about funny stuff, like why I like to wear Speed Stick Deodorant, and serious stuff, like my life-changing surgery last year. After interviewing Chaz Bono, I was inspired to have gender reassignment surgery. So that douchenozzle Seth MacFarlane can no longer sing about my boobs.

That's right, I'm BoobyFree!

Stay tuned for my first Pulitzer Prize-winning post, which is an article I wrote for Glamour about all of this that they never ran, those bastards. It'll be up soon!


  1. Dibs, you rock. I love your bravery, your humor and I'd kill to have your writing style. I'll be following your story here. And yep, douchenozzle is the perfect name for Seth.

    1. Thanks for your kind words and for being my first commenter!

  2. This is awesome. Funny as hell and a place for all kinds of people to read and feel that they are not alone on their own particular gender journeys. And a place to remind us all that we--not douchebags or Republicans--define our own identities.
    Miss you! I'm glad you are doing so well.

    1. Thanks Dorre! I love your posts where you tell convos with your patients. So funny...